Storytime Fun!


This is my first time blogging so this site is a work in progress!   I am so excited to participate in Flannelboard Friday!

Today I am sharing an old flannelboard I had used for my “Bugs” theme.  I hope you like it as much as I did.  It is based on the book Bye-Bye, Big Bad Bullybug!  by Ed Emberly.  The Big Bad Bullybug is mean and scary and picks on the little itty bitty bugs, but guess who gets the last laugh in the end…

It is a funny book that the kids all love, though I did leave out the part about the pinchers! 

Below is a picture of  the Bad Bullybug that I made.  I did not use a template because the shapes were all pretty basic.  I was a little short on flannel so part of the story is made out of flannel and the rest out of stock paper that I laminated.  

I was concerned at first that the story would be too scary, but the kids actually found it funny!


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  1. I always think things are going to be too scary for the kids, and they laugh at what I thought would be scary! Welcome to Flannel Friday!

  2. Thanks everyone for the support! I am very excited to be here and to get all of the professional feedback–your creativity has inspired me!

  3. As Grandparents, your blog has become a favorite resource, and we look forward to receiving your weekly posts. We are always looking for books that are age-appropriate, educational, and fun to share with our Grandchildren.

    The flannel presentations are so appealing and creative!!! Thank you!

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