Food for a Fussy Flower!


Fran’s Flower by Lisa Bruce is a delightful book that teaches children about plant growth and patience.  It can be used for themes such as Growing Things, Flowers, Gardens, etc.  I read the book aloud and used the clip art, flowerpot and flowers as props.  But, this story can also be told as a flannel board using the clip art and adding in puppets to act as Fran and her dog.  Hope you enjoy!

In this adorable book a little girl named Fran finds a flowerpot filled with soil and a tiny green sprout, and decides she is going to make it grow.  Fran decides to feed the sprout everything she likes to eat…things like pizza, ice cream, and maybe even a cheeseburger!   Of course, the sprout does not grow, but when Fran decides to throw the flowerpot out the back door, Mother Nature takes over and the sprout grows into a beautiful surprise for Fran…a flower!

 Clip Art

I printed out clip art to illustrate the different foods Fran feeds her tiny sprout.  I used a flowerpot/vase to put each food item in as I read the book, and boy did that bring some laughs!  When Fran throws the sprout out, I moved the flowerpot/vase behind my flannel board.  Then we acted out the sun coming out and the rain coming down. 




Flowers bloom after the sun and rain!

And, of course at the end of the book, I brought out the flowerpot/vase again, but this time with flowers inside it–the kids were so into the story they thought it was magic!


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  1. Awesome! like missmaryliberry, i’ve always dismissed this book as unworkable. I never would have thought to put all the food items into an actual vase, but that’s exactly the thing that brings this story into the real world. Great job. I can’t wait to make + do this one for my storytimes.

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