Storytime is a ‘Whoo-whoo-whooot’!


Today we read books about Owls and it was a Whoot! 

Opening Ritual:  “If You’re Happy And You Know It”
*Sallie (the most wonderful volunteer!) helped greet the kids with a beautiful white owl puppet. 

Book:  A Book of Sleep by Il Sung Na
A Book of Sleep (Hardcover) ~ Il Sung Na (Author) Cover Art
An adorable book that the kids really enjoyed.  An owl flies through the night and discovers all the ways different animals sleep.  Loved the way the owl is on every page!

Action Rhyme:  Wide-Eyed Owl

Here’s a wide-eyed owl,
(bring pointer finger and thumb of both hands together and place before eyes)
With a pointed nose,
(make a beak with both pointer fingers an dplace before nose)
And claws for toes.
(arch hands, curl fingers)
He lives high in a tree.
(clasp hands high above head)
When he looks at you,
(bring pointer finger and thumb of both hands together and place before eyes)
He flaps his wings,
(bend elbows, flap hands)
And says, “Whoo, whoo-o-o.”
(make “whoo” sounds)

Flannel board:  The Wise Old Owl
A girl and her grandfather discover mice in the house!  They decide to go to the Wise Old Owl for some advice on how to get rid of the mice.  The owl tells them to get a cat.  The cat gets rid of the mice, but then the cat starts making a mess in the house.  The girl and her grandfather go back to the Wise Old Owl for advice on now how to get rid of the cat!  The owl tells them to get a dog who does scare the cat away, but then the dog starts making trouble!  A silly flannelboard that keeps building until finally the girl and her grandfather decide maybe mice aren’t so bad after all…

Get the Wiggles Out: Raffi’s “Shake Your Sillies Out”
Gets the wiggles out every time!

Book:  Hello, Day!  by Anita Lobel

Cute story–the kids liked pretending they were the animals saying Hello, Day!  And, then of course, at the end they were owls saying Goodnight…

Action Rhyme:  This Little Owl

This little owl slept all day,
(Hold up first finger, lay head on hands)
This little owl flew away,
(Hold up second finger, make flying motions with hands)
This little owl made not a sound,
(Hold up third finger, put finger to lips)
This little owl is nice and round,
(Hold up fourth finger, hold arms out to make a big stomach)
This little owl could only say,
“Whooo, whooo, whooo, have a nice day!”
(Hold up thumb, and wave other hand)


Flannel board:  Good-night, Owl!  by Pat Hutchins

Song/Activity:  Owl In the Tree
Handed out owl stick puppets to the kids.  When the music played, we pretended it was night time and flew the owls around.  When I stopped the music, we pretended it was day (well, it actually was!) and we made our owls go to sleep.  And, so on…This was a great “freeze” song and the kids liked playing with the owls.  I did not play the entire song, just went until I thought the kids were ready to move onto another activity.  In order to get the owls back so I could use them another day…I took out a brown box and said it was a tree for the owls to go to sleep in.  Amazingly enough the kids all were very excited to be able to put their owls back in the tree!  Nobody cried about letting go of their owl and all were received back intact!

Owl Before                                                                                                            Owl After


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