GO TO BED, MONSTER!  by Natasha Wing tells the story about Lucy, a little girl who could not…would not…DID NOT…want to go to sleep.  Instead she wanted to draw.  But, when she picked up her crayons and drew some shapes, she created…a monster!  The funny thing is that monster did not want to go to sleep either.

I love this book, but it was hard to read with a large group because the pictures are a bit small to see from the back of the room. 

So…I flannelized it!
I drew the pieces, colored them with crayon just as Lucy had done and then laminated everything.  I stuck with the main pieces of the story and left out others, mainly because of lack of time that week.  When I told the story, I actually pretended that I was Lucy! 
The monster wants to play so they fly airplanes (that was a prop).  When the monster is hungry, Lucy draws a pile of meatballs.  When he is thirsty, she draw him a bucket of water–glub, glub!  He gets scared so Lucy draws a huggy bear.  When it is too dark, she draws him a moon.  He still won’t go to bed, so she reads him a book.  Finally the monster and Lucy are sleepy so they both climb into bed and go to sleep!  I used a piece of material to cover him up. Cute story that works great with many different themes!




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