A Hat for Minerva Louise


Silly Minerva Louise!  The other chickens hate snowy mornings, but Minerva Louise looks at a snowy day as an adventure.  But, this silly hen needs something to keep her warm.  Wait until you see what she finds!

It was a beautiful snowy day and Minerva Louise couldn’t wait to go out exploring.  She wanted to stay out all day, but it was too cold.  So Minerva Louise went to find something warm.  She thought a scarf might help so she went exploring in the shed where she found a…

Garden Hose! But, it was too big to be a good scarf.

She thought shoes might keep her warm so she found a pair of…

Work Gloves!  But, they were too big, too. 

Minerva Louise thought what would keep her really warm would be a hat.  That’s just what she needed.  So she found a…

Flower Pot!  But, that didn’t work well for a hat. 

She thought she found another hat that would work better which was a…

Boot!  But, that didn’t work either.  It was too heavy. 

Minerva Louise knew there had to be a hat around somewhere so she went outside where she saw a…

Beautiful Snowman with a wonderful hat! 

She looked around the snowman for another hat and found…

A hat!  It was a mitten, but silly Minerva Louise didn’t know that! 

And, when she looked around, she found…

Another hat!  Which was just fine with Minerva Louise.

I used this flannel board with our Clothes theme this week.  It was a funny story! 
Sorry if the background looks a little funny on the pictures.  I did not have time to take the pictures on the flannel board at work as I was in a big rush.  I ended up having to take the pictures on my kitchen table!

8 responses »

    • Thanks! Guess the kitchen table is good for something else than eating–glad there were no crumbs showing in the picture!

  1. This is the cutest little chicken! This is such a great flannel. I bet the kids go bananas over it. One question, how big is Minerva? She looks nice and big. That was a very good choice!

  2. Thanks for all the nice comments everyone! Minerva Louise is pretty funny…maybe she will make an appearance again sometime soon on another adventure of hers!

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