Five Little Kittens…with a twist!

In keeping with our Cats theme this week I made up an action rhyme and flannel board about five little kittens.  Those kittens were snuggled up tight in their beds sleeping through the night.  Well, it was actually four little kittens and a surprise cat at the end. 
Who was it?  I think his shoes dangling out might give you a clue, but read on to find out!



Five little kittens tucked in so tight.
(wrap arms around self)
Sleeping so soundly all through the night
(pretend to be sleeping)
But, when Mama cat says “Wake up right now…”
(shake finger)
Up jumps a kitten with a big “Meow!”
(put hands up in the air and say “Meow”)


And, then there were Four little kittens tucked in so tight… 


Three little kittens tucked in so tight…


Two little kittens tucked in so tight…


 Then there was one little kitten tucked in so tight. This little kitten looked a little different, but he was sleeping very soundly all through the night…
But, when Mama cat said to “Wake Up Right Now”, up jumped…
 Wait a second!  It was Pete the Cat!  Was Pete grumpy about waking up?
Goodness No!  He smiled and said “It’s all good!”


*The kids thought this was pretty funny at the end.  They really seemed to enjoy the action rhyme I made up, especially when they acted like the sleeping kittens and pretended to snore! 

*Check out Pete the Cat books by Eric Litwin.  He is one cool cat!

*Flannel cats were glued and sewn together in layers for a 3-D look.  Black marks were done with puffy paint.  Found a cute kitten on clip art, cut it up and used it as a template!

*Time saver tip…if you don’t have time to make the cats out of flannel but still want to do the rhyme, copy kittens on different colored card stock, cut out and glue velcro on the back.  Looks great and it is quick!

*Due to time constaints I had to do the pics on the kitchen table again!


9 responses »

  1. Brilliant is the right word! Clever and funny and a unique transition … Or not. It’s great on it’s own. Im sorry about missing your post, Katie, I really messed up.

  2. This is adorable! You did a really awesome job on the cats! I have never tried the paint on felt because I am more of a magnetic board person. (Flannel Fridays may be changing that though. 😉 LOL! )

    Think I am definately going to have to try the felt and paint for this project though because it looks so cute! Thanks!

  3. I can’t tell you how much I LOVEEEE this, so creative and I will have to make it for my library too. We are such huge Pete the Cat fans!

  4. Amazing!!!! Definitely using this rhyme for a felt project for school. What did you use for those blankets? I like the look of them, they aren’t super thick like felt.

    • Thanks, Madison! I actually used some leftover material I had. Just a thin cotton type, but it worked pretty well.

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