Five Big Lemons!

In preparation for the Thanksgiving holiday our theme this week was Food!  I created a flannel board based on an action rhyme I found about five big lemons. 



Five big lemons sitting in the bowl. (hold up five fingers)
One fell out and started to roll. (Hold up finger, and roll hands)
It bumped the table and hit my toe (clap once, and touch toes )
How many lemons in the bowl? 1-2-3-4 (Count fingers)

Repeat rhyme until there are no more lemons left in the bowl!
Rhyme was found at

It is a very simple flannel board and rhyme, but is also very versitile because of all the different foods you can use.  For example, during the fall you could change the rhyme to five big apples.  During the summer months you could change it to five big tomatoes.  The kids really enjoyed the action rhyme and could easily follow along and participate. 


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    • Definitely adaptable! And, yes, I have found that the hand stitching does help to make the pieces more durable, especially if I am using a thin piece of felt. Often times I purchase the least expensive felt I can find and the thin pieces can tend to stretch out a bit. The stitching at the edge helps to maintain the shape and it makes the pieces look a bit more real!

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