Santa’s New Suit!


I love the book Santa’s New Suit by by Laura Rader so I have been working on flannelizing it!  This is a work in progress, but I wanted to get my post up in time for the  Winter/Holiday edition of Flannel Friday so here is my flannel board so far. 


It is almost Christmas and Santa needs to get dressed.


Santa looks in his closet and all he sees are old red suits.  He is ready for a change.  He goes shopping, but can’t find the right suit.   I will be inserting more pictures soon to show you a few outfit options Santa looked at…


Santa finally goes  to the store called The Snappy Dude.  That was where he found THE suit.  It was perfect!  Or was it?

Santa showed his outfit to the elves, but they did not like it.  The reindeer did not have very nice things to say about it either.  Even children did not recognize him! 


Santa realizes that maybe his red suit was the best suit of all.  He decides to wear a red suit for Christmas, especially after Mrs. Claus buys him a brand new one with a new cap to match!  It fits perfect.  It is his new suit and he loves it!


Check back soon for more information on this flannel board as I finish it up!


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