Purple Little Bird


A few weeks ago we decided to have a Purple story time day at the library.  We all dressed in purple (I have very supportive coworkers who also dressed up!) and read purple books and did purple themed activities.  I was trying to find a perfect book to “flannelize” when one of my favorite story time moms suggested Purple Little Bird by Greg Foley.

Purple Little Bird lived in a very purple world.

He had a very purple house with purple steps, a purple fence and even purple flowers.

Purple Little Bird did all that he could to make his house perfect, but something just did not seem right.  So he packed up his purple little bag to go find another place to live.

Purple Little Bird went to visit Gray Goat on the cliff.  It was nice there, but it was much too windy.

He moved on to visit Yellow Camel in the desert.  It was nice, but much too dusty.

Purple Little Bird went on to visit Blue Frog, but the pond was much too wet.

Brown Bear’s cave was much too dark.

 Finally he came across three Pink Possums hanging from a beautiful pink tree.  They told Purple Little Bird to follow them to the perfect house for him.

Purple Little Bird followed the Pink Possums back to…his house!

Purple Little Bird took a look at his house and decided he knew what needed to change…

He painted it Gray like Gray Goat, Yellow like Yellow Camel, Blue like Blue Frog, Brown like Brown Bear, and Pink like the Pink Possums!

His house was finally perfect!

This was a great story that was well received by the kids.  The last page of the book has a great illustration of Purple little bird’s “visits” while looking for the perfect house.  It shows a globe in the middle.  When I told the story, I put up the pieces in a clockwise circular order so by the time Purple little bird meets and follows the Pink Possums, he is back at his house!
Purple Little Bird, houses and Yellow Camel were made from felt.
Gray Goat, Blue Frog, Brown Bear and Pink Possums were made from card stock.  I plan to flannelize those pieces as well.


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