Mouse Paint


For my Mice themed story time I flannelized the book Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh and made it into a box story.  Well, actually I made the pieces out of foam which worked nicely on the box as the pieces were sturdy and durable!

Mouse Paint is a story about three white mice who hide on white paper so the cat can’t find them.
The mice find three jars of paint.  They have some fun, jump into the paint and change colors!

They have even more fun when the paint spills and they jump into the puddles.   Their feet change different colors!

The paint gets a little sticky so they wash themselves off in the cat’s bowl while he is sleeping.

The mice decide that painting on paper is much better than painting themselves.  They paint the white paper all different colors…But, they leave a part of the paper white so the cat still can’t find them when he comes sniffing around!

This was such a fun story to tell!  The best part was after I “dunked” the mice into the paint jars and they changed colors…one of the girls kept asking how I did that and of course, I answered…Magic!
I covered a box in white paper to create a background for the mice.  I kept the pieces in the box and as I told the story I pulled the pieces out.  Removable glue dots work nicely or you can tape the pieces ahead of time. 
The template I used can be found on  Check out the website for many other story board templates and ideas.  It is a fantastic resource!

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    • I actually just used smaller scissors and that seemed to help a bit when cutting the foam. But, truthfully I thought foam was faster than felt would have been. It was easy to hold onto and very sturdy. I am thinking I may do more foam flannels in the future!

  1. Ooo! I’ve never seen a box story before, so I’m having trouble wrapping my brain around the storytelling. How do you get the foam pieces to stay on? Do you glue them to each side of the box or is it sticky tack? And are there some pieces that are fastened on permanently?

    • Hey Sarah!
      Box stories are a ton of fun. Not sure how other people do their stories, but I can tell you what works for me! I store all of the pieces inside the box before I tell the story. I don’t normally fasten the pieces on permanently, mainly because I need to use the box again for other things. Sturdy boxes are hard to come by! I have used removable glue dots on the pieces. They work really well and are small enough so the pieces don’t all stick together inside the box. You can lay them down or stick them on the inner side of the box so they are ready to pull out a bit easier. I split the story into four parts (four sides of the box) and just turned the box as I told it and pulled out the pieces according the part of the story I was telling. I have used tape before, but basically I use what is available. Hope I explained this well enough! Please let me know!

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