Riding In My Train!

This is the call for all story timers to take a ride on the wonderful world of trains!  So began this weeks theme for story time.  I created a flannel board that got all the kids involved.  Enjoy your time on the railroad with this fun activity and check out my post Trains…ALL ABOARD!  for more story time ideas.



“Riding In My Train” (Tune was Ten Little Indians)
I’m riding in my little ______ train
Riding in my little _____ train
Riding in my little _____ train
Chugga-Chugga, Toot, Toot!

We moved our arms like train wheels and raised our arm to sound the train whistle at the end.  I traded out the different color trains on the board as we sang.  I printed out a train pattern on different colored paper, cut it out, put a small piece of velcro on the back so I could use it on the flannel board and…voilà, an easy flannel board activity!  Squidoo.com has great links for train coloring sheets and patterns.

I adapted this song from storytimekatie’s rhyme Drivin’ In My Car.  It is a great action rhyme/song–use it for a Cars theme or for a Colors theme as she did!


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    • Me too Amy. First I had to sing One little two little… then the tune clicks. I do the same thing when reading Mailbox magazine. Clever people making tuns like that!!

  1. I’m planning a train party for my son’s second birthday later this month. I’ve been looking for activity/story time ideas to do with the kids and these are great ideas. Thanks!

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