Seven Valentine’s Day Kisses


Flannel Story/Puppet Show

Ok, so it is after Valentine’s Day, but I finally had the time to post this after a very busy week.  Better late than never!  And, kisses are good for other days than just Valentine’s Day, right?

Seven Kisses
I have seven kisses that I want to give away.
Who should I kiss this Valentine’s Day?
I think I’ll kiss my________!

I put my kisses on the flannel board and also used puppets in the puppet theater as I said the rhyme.  Sallie (the best library volunteer!) was in charge of the puppets and I gave the puppets a Valentine’s Day kiss. 

I had to kiss a spider, wolf, bee, duck, Mr. Mouse and then I blew kisses to the kids! This was a great success as the kids got a real kick out of seeing who popped out of the theater next.  I extended my kisses to seven instead of five to make things go a bit longer.

I drew the “kiss” and printed it off of colored stock paper.

 This rhyme came from Storytime Secrets blog.  She put her kisses on a flannel board and put pictures of family members (mommy, daddy, etc.) on the board as she said the rhyme.  Check out her site for more great Valentine’s Day ideas!


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  1. Love, love, love the colors of your kisses! And your idea to use puppets. That is how I became more comfortable with using puppets in my storytime. I slowly incorporated them in my songs and fingerplays and then started doing pop-up appearances as I read books. It sure helped me because I wasn’t ‘t at all comfortable just talking to a puppet when I first started doing storytimes. But now… I’m the crazy lady who hosts her whole St Patrick’s Day storytime with a Leprechaun puppet! LOL

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