Boing! Boing! A Kangaroo Jumping Story

In honor of Leap Year we celebrated with a Leap Day story time!  Lots of jumping and  leaping stories and activities!  In keeping with the theme I created a flannel board based on the book Boing! by Nick Bruel.
Also make sure to check out my Leap Day story time plan for more ideas!

Image Detail

A young kangaroo (joey) attempts to jump, but instead goes flop!  

 Her good friend Frog steps in to show how it is done.  Jump, jump, jump!
But, Kangaroo still can’t go Boing!

Grasshopper decides he is the one to show Kangaroo how to jump so off he goes high into the air.  Kangaroo watches and tries, but still he can’t jump.

Another friend comes along who really knows how to jump…Rabbit!  Up into the air he goes.  Kangaroo watches, but still can’t jump.

She is feeling very discouraged.  Along comes her friend Koala who had been watching Kangaroo very closely…He asks Kangaroo an important question.  What does she have in her pocket?  Hmmm…Kangaroo thinks and then starts emptying her pocket.  Look at everything she had stuffed in there!

Once Kangaroo emptied her pocket she finally could go…BOING! BOING!  And, she had so much fun jumping with her friends!

The kids really enjoyed this story!  I put Kangaroo’s friends on craft sticks and thankfully had enough room to actually bounce the friends through the crowd and back to Kangaroo–much to the delight of the kids!  I created all of my pieces out of paper, some I actually used from other stories.  Kangaroo’s pocket was glued around the edges and filled with some random items (much like we might find in children’s pockets!).  

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  1. What a fabulous idea! I can’t wait to pick up the book at the library and use your idea to really bring this book to life for my preschoolers.

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  4. I would love to use your idea for my storytime at the Burnham Library in April and link it to your blog. I found your idea via Flannel Board Friday on Pinterest. I just felt I should ask you for your permission — it is such a great idea! Thanks, Jean Kallay

    • Hi Jean! Of course you may use the idea!! Not only did I put this out there to share, but that has made my day knowing other kids will be enjoying it! Let me know how it goes for you! Katie

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