Mary’s Little Lamb


Spring is here!  This season always makes me think of baby animals, especially lambs.  I am holding a Lamb themed story time next week and wanted to share a flannel board/puppet show I created that can be used in a few different ways!


Mary has lost her little lamb and needs our help to find it.  In order to find her lamb we need to sing!  Out comes a lamb and we sing…

Mary had a little purple lamb, little purple lamb, little purple lamb
Mary had a little purple lamb, whose fleece was purple as…grapes! 


But, of course, that is not the lamb Mary is looking for.  Out comes another lamb that we think may be the right one so we sing again:

Mary had a little pink lamb, little pink lamb, little pink lamb
Mary had a little pink lamb, whose fleece was pink as…bubblegum


We continue singing for each different colored lamb until we find the right one whose fleece was white as snow.

The perfect lamb template can be found at Making Learning Fun (great website for flannel board ideas and patterns).  That website also shares another rhyme you can use with your lambs.
I created my lambs out of foam to make them more durable–to be used in the puppet theater I have to attach them to sticks/dowels.  I also put velcro pieces on the back so that they may be used on the flannel board if I ever need them later on.  Multi-purpose lambs!


Cate at Storytiming is hosting Flannel Friday this week.  For more great ideas check out the archive from Anne at So Tomorrow.

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