The Three Little Pigs


I find the best story board templates on!  I printed the black and white pattern on different colored paper–I enhanced the pigs and the wolf with marker.  The pieces were glued on cardstock and a piece of velcro was placed on the back.  The story pattern is also available in color.  Check out my piggy storytime theme for more ideas!

B&W pattern:
Color pattern:

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  2. Hello! I am so glad to have found your blog and your inspiring activities. I found you from google – looking for duck templates to make an activity or my time with my grandchildren. What was so funny …… and if you click on my blog …… I am sure you will understand! I really had to make a “double take”! I shall come back and visit you often, and thank you for your help and generosity in sharing your fun activities.
    Val xx Berkshire UK

    • Hi Val! Thanks so much for your kind comments about the site, I really hope you find lots of fun things to do with your grandchildren! I clicked on your site and I love it–your pictures are beautiful and I also love the name of your other design site on Etsy “Green Rabbit”! I wish I had your talent for knitting–wow! Daisy Daydream Rabbit is just adorable! Yes, a “double take” is correct, I think great minds think alike!!!! 🙂 A big thanks for visiting from, Katie (here in North Carolina!)

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