I am trying to compile a list of favorite resources I use when planning a story time.  This list is a work in progress, but thought I would post what I have linked up so far!


Action Rhymes and Themes

I must admit, more often than not, I tend to find a certain book or craft, etc. that I absolutely love and then try to work a theme around it!  With that being said, it is still a good idea to have a general subject you can work around when doing a preschool story time. Once I establish a theme I then try to research action rhymes that enhance the subject.   These are some of the resources I use besides just Google!


Flannel Boards

Flannel board stories are a great part of story time.

  • KidzClub has to be one of my favorite resources for flannel board patterns, nursery rhymes, crafts and more.   You can print out the story patterns as is and laminate them for a quick flannel board if you are in a hurry.  If you have more time, use the patterns and create your story out of flannel, foam or card stock.  There are many stories to choose from.
  • DLTK’s Felt Board Printables
  • Making Learning Fun

Favorite Resource Books

Storytime magic : 400 fingerplays, flannelboards, and other activities

Storytime Magic by Kathy MacMillan and Christine Kirker


2’s Experience: Felt Board Fun by Liz Wilmes and Dick Wilmes

2’s Experience:  Stories by Liz Wilmes and Dick Wilmes



Pinterest is a site I have quickly come to love.  It is a website where people can “pin” their interests on a virtual board.  It is a very quick way to view and gain ideas for your stories.  You can simply be an observer or you can choose to request an invite to participate.  This site is also great because you can link it up to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.  And, when you take a break from your story creations, you can also use the site for home ideas, recipes, and so much more!  Let me warn you now…Pinterest is addictive!

Check out my Pinterest page and also  the Flannel Friday  group on Pinterest!


A good portion of my ideas stem from other blogs that I read.  Blogs are a great resource and I have been lucky enough to meet some great librarians.  I am always finding new blogs so please check back as I update my list!

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