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Flannel Friday Round-Up June 8th

“Storytime is NOT for sitting quietly.  It’s for bringing stories to life in a whole new way.”

coloring book

This is a  quote from  Hallmark!  Thank you to Anne (sotomorrowblog.com) for sharing that one!
I think this quote represents how all of us Flannel Friday folks feel about storytime.  What a fun job we have! ! I am so excited to be hosting this week and am looking forward to seeing all the ways we bring stories to life…I was initially nervous to host Flannel Friday, but I honestly had a lot of fun.  It gave me an opportunity to really explore these great blogs/websites though at some point I had to reign myself in so I could get the round-up done!  Have fun enjoying some great ideas, these librarians are truly awesome!

Without further ado I present…

Kelly from “Welcome to Storytime”  blasts off with Five Little Rockets that are ready to zoom, zoom, zoom!   This is a great flannelboard and action rhyme that works well for an Outer Space theme and fits right in with Summer Reading 2012.

flowerLisa from  “Libraryland” brings us the ultimate in participation flannelboard board rhymes as she shares 100 Animals–yes, I did say 100 animals and there actually are 100!  Lisa gives some great ideas on how to easily create this flannel as well as some suggestions on the execution of the rhyme.  I can definitely picture the kids amazed at this one–they are fascinated by the number 100.


Library Quine  from “Loons and Quines at Librarytime” has created a Robot and Shapes Flannel basedon the book “Robot, Zombie, Frankenstein”.  This is a great interactive flannel and also really gets the kids talking about shapes and colors!  Not familiar with the book?  Check out the trailer Library Quine has linked up at her site!

Sarah from “Read It Again” has made some seriously fantastic Flannel Food!  I am not kidding when I say her flannel s’more looks good enough to eat! Visit her post to learn more about the resource book she used called Big Little Felt Universe by Jeanette Lim.   P.S. Sara is hosting Flannel Friday next week 🙂

giftAnne  from “So Tomorrow”
shares Baby’s Flannel Friday Book, a gift given  in honor of her “Very Special Delivery”–her baby is literally due any day!  Each page of this beautiful flannel book was handcrafted by a member/contributor of the Flannel Friday group–specifically  MelissaLQSharonTraceyKatieMollieAndreaCateMaryLiz,LindaKatie, and Anna.  I am amazed not only at the talent shown in those pages, but at the kindness, thought and consideration that went into this book.

ScooterAndrea at “Rovingfiddlehead Kidlit” has brought Charlie the Centipede to life !  Charlie wants a hat and ends up getting a lot of suggestions from his many insect friends.  Check out this post to see Charlie’s final hat selection!   I can definitely see myself using this one for a Bugs theme or even a Clothes/Getting Dressed theme.

Lucy from “In the Children’s Room” has flannelized Lauren Thompson’s  Mouse’s First Summer.  I love these books as the kids can relate to Little Mouse and Minka and how they see the world.  Seeing summer through their eyes in Lucy’s flannelized version will make you appreciate summer even more.  And, WOW, she even made flannel fireworks!


Linda from “Notes from the Story Room” presents Aliens at Bedtime!  If you are participating in the “Dream Big…Read” Summer Reading 2012 program, this flannel would be a great addition.  It also is an excellent addition to an Outer Space theme.  And, FYI, this fantastic rhyme was written by Linda herself!

Alex“Narrating Tales of Preschool Storytime” brings us You’re Face Will Surely Show Itbased on the song by Jim Gill.  Who doesn’t love Jim Gill?!  And, now through Narrating Tales of Preschool Storytime we have a way to flannelize (or create as a magnetic board as she did)  this great little tune.  You will love the faces she chose–they are pretty funny and will surely make the kids laugh!


 Katie of “Storytime Katie” has shared…not one, but TWO Pirate-Themed Flannelboards !  And, the first includes a link to a template which is so incredibly helpful.  The second flannel is just as cute and easy as Katie suggests using Microsoft clip-art.  Can’t wait to see the pirate-themed storytime plan, Katie as I am sure it will be a hit with the kids!


“Miss Mary Liberry” (ya gotta love her blog name) shares a cute bunny tale Conejito (story retold by Margaret Read MacDonald) that is based on a folktale from Panama.  Her bunnies are awesome (especially Mommy Bunny with her glasses :)).

crayons“The Voices Inside My Headphones” brings us a Pigeon Craft featuring our favorite Pigeon from the books by Mo Willems.  Included is a link to the Pigeon coloring sheet template!

Cate from “Storytiming” shares her flannelized Where’s My Teddy? based on the book by Jez Alborough.  Share in her memories as this was the first flannelboard Cate made, way back in “library school”!  I think the kids would get a kick out of this one.


Maureen from “StrongStart” shows her inventive side as she creates Gail the Snail!  The best part about this post is that you get to actually watch Maureen tell the story as she has included a video of herself performing!


Mollie of “What Happens In Storytime” shares some valuable information about some possible changes to the Flannel Friday Pinterest page.  Amy and Mollie are experimenting with the FF Pinterest boards in order to make the page more detailed and help make it more user friendly.  Please visit “What Happens In Storytime”  to give feedback!

paletteAnd, I have decided to share a song/flannelboard G-R-E-E-N (a version of B-I-N-G-O) we sang this week during our Art-themed storytime.  Check out the post to see Mr. Mouse dressed up as an artist!

Thank you for visiting this Flannel Friday Round-Up!  View previous and future round-ups at the new Flannel Friday website.  This website also contains information on how to get involved more involved with Flannel Friday.  For quick ideas check out the visual round-up of ALL postings at the Flannel Friday Pinterest page.  Sarah at Read It Again! is hosting next week.