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Summer Reading 2012 Storytime Brainstorming


Busy planning Summer Reading 2012! I have seven weeks of Summer Reading.  So far I have come up with the following storytime themes:

  • Wishes and Dreams
  • Owls
  • Friendly Monsters
  • Blast Off to Outer Space
  • Bears and Caves
  • Pajamas and Bedtime
  • Fairy Tales

I have started planning craft ideas for each theme.  This is what I have so far…

Wishes and Dreams…
A shooting star

I used a pattern I found in one of my resource books Big Book of Patterns (excellent book).  I had to draw on the face because the pattern did not have it on there, but I thought the face was cute!  Attached to a stick it makes a nice shooting star the kids can fly around and make a wish on!





Flying Owl

 Made this owl based on a great pattern by Sunflower Storytime!








Friendly Monsters
I am still working out a craft for this theme.  Will be posting my storytime plan soon!

Blast Off to Outer Space
Rocket hand puppet


The back of this rocket is actually an envelope we sealed and then cut in half.  We glued it to the rocket.  The kids can put their hands in the envelope and fly their rockets around!  I will post another description soon that goes into more detail.

Bears and Caves
Bear Mask (picture coming soon)

Pajamas and Bedtime
Still looking for an idea!

Fairy Tales
What Fairy Tale storytime is complete without a magic wand?!

Star pattern is from Storytime Magic.










I am still working on these so keep in mind some look undone!

Wishes and Dreams
There Was a Bold Lady Who Wanted a Star (based on the book by Charise Mericle Harper).

I found the pattern through Storytime Magic.  Some of the pieces are colored and some are made out of poster board.










A Home for Mr. Owl
 The flannel is based on the story is actually A House for Birdie by Stuart J. Murphy, but I thought I could adapt the flannel for an Owls theme.   I got this great idea from Cate at Storytiming.  I actually used this originally for a “Homes” theme, but it can be used for Birds and of course, Owls.  Cate at Storytiming narrowed her version down to three birds, which worked really well for the length of the storytelling.





Friendly Monsters
Check out my flannel board Go to Bed Monster! based on the book Go to Bed Monster!  by  Natasha Wing.

Blast Off to Outer Space
Five Rockets In Space

Rhyme coming soon!










Bears and Caves
Going on a Bear Hunt (picture coming soon)
Three Little Bears Puppet Show (coming soon)

Pajamas and Bedtime

Fairy Tales
Rapunzel Puppet Show (coming soon)
Frog Prince Puppet Show (coming soon)

One of the best resources I have found for planning Summer Reading 2012 is the resource book Storytime Magic.  It has great patterns and ideas for crafts and flannel boards that work well with the Dream Big…Read! theme and are quick to put together–a good thing when you are short on time!

Summer Reading 2012 Illustrations


Brian Lies is the Summer 2012 promotional materials illustrator!

If you haven’t checked out his books yet, look for them at your library.  They are perfect for our theme “Dream Big…Read”.   His “Bats” series would be a great addition to a “Night Creatures” story time!  Bats enjoy ballgames, the beach and the library as much as the rest of us!


BallgameBats at the Ballgame

Image DetailBats at the Library

Image DetailBats at the Beach


For more information on Brian Lies and his other great books, check out his website at www.brianlies.com.  You can even download his “Bat Hymn” song (sung to the tune of The Battle Hymn of the Republic)!