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The Napping House


This coming week’s storytime is going to be all about the letter “H”.  I made a flannel to share based on the book The Napping House by Audrey Wood.  I got the template off of Kizclub.com.  If you have not yet familiar with that site, go check it out!  You can print off templates in black and white or color.  Either print and laminate the pieces or use the shapes to create the story in flannel.

The Napping House is a funny and cumulative tale similar to the rhyme “This Is the House That Jack Built”.  A Granny, a child, a dog, cat, and mouse are sleeping until…a flea wakes everyone up!

To create the flannel I glued the “sleeping” pieces on one side and the “awake” pieces on the other.  As I tell the story I plan on putting the sleeping pieces up one at a time.  As the characters wake up all I have to do is flip the pieces over and Surprise!  I am hoping for at least a few laughs!

At first everyone is sleeping…























The flea wakes up the mouse, who wakes up the cat, who wakes up the dog, who wakes up the child, who wakes up Granny!










Here are a couple of pictures of the two sides of the flannel pieces.