“Oh What a Miracle”  Walter the Waltzing Worm

Mr. Mouse was hiding  in the story time box dressed as a train conductor.  In fact, he was hiding  in a large train conductor’s hat…and he had one for me to wear as well!


This was a last minute find, but a great one.  Lots of animal noises for the kids to have fun with and kept them guessing as to what Meeow was making–a train out of little chairs!

Tag Board Story

Told as a tag board story instead of reading the whole book because it was a bit too long for the crowd I had.


“The Wheels on the Train” (to the tune of “Wheels on the Bus”)

1. Conductor on the train says “all aboard”
2. Whistle on the train goes toot, toot, toot
3. The Wheels on the train go clickety-clack
4. The Crossing Gates go clang, clang, clang
5. People on the train go bumpety-bump 


This was a great book to get all the kids involved.  Every time I read “clickety clack” I had the kids say it with me and clap their hands.  It was a great book as you can really start out quiet, get really loud and then get quiet again.  Loved it!


“Riding In My Train” (Tune was Ten Little Indians)
I’m riding in my little ______ train
Riding in my little _____ train
Riding in my little _____ train
Chugga-Chugga, Toot, Toot!

We moved our arms like train wheels and raised our arm to sound the train whistle at the end.  I traded out the different color trains on the board as we sang.
I adapted this song from storytimekatie’s website!  It is a great action rhyme/song I have also used it for cars as she did.

Prop Story

The Animal Train 

Not really sure where the story came from exactly.  I found it in a random folder!  I will keep you posted once I figure out the source.  Basically the story is about a train who happens to pick up many NOISY animals along his journey.   He happens to pick up a sheep, a pig, a cow, a duck and a chicken.  As he picks up each animal the train gets louder and louder until they reach their destination.  The paper I found with the story was very simple, just basically the train picking up the animals and going through a tunnel.  Of course, I embellished quite a bit and definitely played up on the animal noises.  The kids were happy to join in!  I made stick puppet masks and put an elastic at the bottom so I could fan the pieces out as I told the story.


We ran out of time so I went right into the craft!


A super simple craft!  I drew a basic train and printed it on stock paper.  I cut  paper towel rolls for wheels (with slits in the wheels so I could slide them on the train).  The kids simply colored and then played!


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